When looking at your homework during the next few weeks remember that in class we have discussed breaking apart the tens and ones and adding them separately. 

For example if you have 12+ 49 = ___ 
First you need to add the tens together.
You have 50 in the tens place.
Next you add your ones.
You now have 11 in the ones place.
Ask yourself: Do you have a ten?
You will now add 1 ten (10) to the tens.
You now have 6 tens or 60 and 1 one.
The next step is to add the tens and ones together: 60+1= __
61 is the answer!

If anyone is having trouble leave a comment below and one of your classmates or myself will assist you! Happy Adding :)
The Students have been using their iPads on a daily basis and some parents/guardians have expressed interest in knowing what apps we use. Because so many people have expressed interest some wonderful individuals from Newton Conover City Schools and friends developed this list of apps that you can download to your personal iPad for a very reasonable price, some are even free! Please take advantage of this resource :)  
The link is as follows: 

    I would like for everyone (including you, parents and guardians) to keep a record of all the books we've read during the school year! Lets see how many we can read!